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What's the best fabric for a sofa? | Gautier Magazine

quel est le meilleur tissu pour canapé ? | meubles gautier

Sofa material: choising the right type of fabric

The ideal fabric for your sofa covering is a really personal choice! You need to consider it really carefully depending on your preferences and how you feel when sitting on it. Depending on the type of feel you are looking for, you may prefer the soft and cosy feel of velour; whereas other people may go for easy care microfibre or synthetic fabrics. To help you choose the one you prefer, we have put together a list of our three favourite fabrics, with all their features and advantages.

Our top 3 fabric coverings for sofas

Every Gautier sofa has its own identity as well as being customisable to suit your tastes. There are over 300 colours available as well as various choices of legs, not forgetting several different upholstery options that we will look at in detail to help you understand their various advantages in terms of comfort, use and care. 


What's the best fabric for a sofa? | Gautier Magazine


Microfibre fabric is increasingly popular as it is durable and easy care. Warm in winter and cool in summer, it is the ideal fabric all year round. Its only drawback is that it tends to attract more dust than synthetic materials, meaning it will need vacuuming more often to retain its bright colour. Also bear in the mind that it has a tendency to fade over time due to the effects of sunlight. You should avoid placing your sofa facing a bay window, unless you choose a sofa with anti-UV treatment such as the ones in the Gautier collections. The microfibre fabrics have waterproof treatment: this means that liquids cannot penetrate the fabric and stay on the surface. This makes the fabric easy to clean, avoiding stains or rings.


What's the best fabric for a sofa? | Gautier Magazine
What's the best fabric for a sofa? | Gautier Magazine


Microfibre is a synthetic fabric, but there are other materials that fall in this category. Alcantara and suedettes are also synthetics, and are really popular due to their peachskin effect that feels wonderfully smooth. These synthetic materials are undoubtedly soft and durable. They are a great choice for everyday use, especially as they are easy to clean. Simply wipe over regularly with soapy water to keep your sofa looking brighter for longer. Your sofa will always look great without the need for any special cleaning product.

Velour fabrics

Velour fabric bring a cosy feel to your lounge. They exude a very comfortable feeling of warmth which is particularly pleasant in winter. This type of covering is timeless and teams really easily with stylish cushions and smart decor. Velour has an unbeatable feel: it's the perfect fabric for creating a soft, homely environment.


What's the best fabric for a sofa? | Gautier Magazine

Colour: another criteria to consider

The colour of a sofa depends mostly on the style of your home and the colour of your walls and floor. Go for bright colours if you have chosen completely neutral decor, as this key piece will then add a singular, extremely trendy splash of colour. But what if you have chosen bright and bold colours for certain ornaments or wall canvasses, for example? If this is you, it's best to stick with a plain, subtle colour that will make the rest of your interior decor stand out.

Timeless colours

Black, white, beige, brown and grey are always go-to colours that are really popular choices for sofas. Stylish as well as timeless, these colours give you the freedom to let your imagination run wild with your choices of cushions or ornaments, without the fear of getting it wrong. Completely timeless, your sofa will never go out of fashion as its understated colour is adaptable.


What's the best fabric for a sofa? | Gautier Magazine

Easy-care colours

Colours recommended for being durable, easy to keep clean and not showing marks (especially when children are around) include charcoal greys, taupes and browns, or patterned designs. 

How to choose between a leather and a fabric sofa

With a more premium feel than fabric, a leather sofa brings character to a living room. But the fact that it is more delicate, not waterproof and costs more can often mean that it's not always the best choice.


What's the best fabric for a sofa? | Gautier Magazine

These days, many people choose to keep things simple with fabrics that are comfortable, hardwearing and easy to keep clean. All the fabrics used in manufacturing each Gautier sofa have stain-resistant and anti-UV treatment, guaranteeing they keep their beautiful appearance over time.

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