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How to choose the right mattress

To sleep well, you don't just need a comfortable bedroom (you'll find some great bedroom design tips in this article), you also need the right mattress and bed base. Read on for some great advice from our sleep specialists on how to choose technical features that can boost your wellbeing.

What are the benefits of foam and latex mattresses?

Foam and latex mattresses are both popular choices, but your decision should be based on the density and unique features of each. That's how you determine a mattress's comfort and elasticity. Although latex is often preferred by heavier people or those who consider it cooler, you can find your ideal firmness whichever technology you choose. It is essential that your spine is well supported to protect your back and ensure your wellbeing.

The right mattress for your body type

You also have the option of a pocket spring mattress. This technology separates the springs into individual pockets that are connected to each other. They adjust to the shape of your body and provide optimal support. Spring mattresses are comfortable for heavier people, who enjoy their firm feel and durability. And with their improved ventilation, you can wave goodbye to perspiration problems.

How to choose your bed base and slats

Make sure there is good airflow so your mattress is well ventilated, and always go for a high-density model (expressed as kg/m3). These are the two main criteria for a comfortable, long-lasting mattress.

"The best way to choose the right mattress is to try it out in-store. Our in-store consultants will be happy to guide you through the decision-making process and help you test our mattress ranges on different bed bases."
Vincent, #GautierTeam consultant

Gautier mattresses are made in France and guaranteed for 7 years:

  • ESSENTIEL range: perfect for children;

  • SENSATION range: ideal for anyone who is prone to feeling warm or has back issues;

  • PRESTIGE range: a great choice for a cosy night's sleep or for anyone with a heavier build.

We also sell bed bases (slatted and upholstered), so make sure you check them out!

Each mattress technology is different and the comfort level of a particular mattress depends very much on the individual. After trying them out, choose the one that feels most comfortable overall, whether it's a softer, well-balanced or firmer option. What matters most is that you feel good on your mattress, so you fall asleep quickly.

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