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Finding the perfect bed for your child

Choosing your child’s bed is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Their bed is a nighttime retreat and a daytime play and relaxation space. Remember to take into account your child’s needs in terms of space and comfort when making your decision. Let our #Gautierteam experts introduce you to the benefits of each bed type so you can choose one that your child will love!

Single beds

If your child has a spacious bedroom, make the most of that space by choosing a generous, comfortable bed. Your child will love using their bed for sleeping, reading, playing and watching on devices without ever running out of space. We suggest that you choose an understated design that they will enjoy for years to come. Add a whimsical touch when you decorate the bedroom but make sure the furniture itself will last for many years by opting for a neutral colour and style.  

Expandible beds

In general, little kids’ beds are 90 cm wide but bigger kids might want a 140 cm wide bed. If you want to invest in a bed that your child won’t grow out of, a great option is to buy an expandible bed. This means it can expand from a single to a double bed when required. As your child grows into a teenager and wants a bigger bed, there is no need to say goodbye to their childhood bed. All you need to do is expand it. So handy!

“Bed sizes are an important factor for comfort. We recommend a 120 cm wide bed so your child has enough space. This in-between size is a great compromise for kids and teens alike.”
Véronique, Gautier Designer

Choose one of the many beds made by Gautier in France:

During the day, kids and teens prefer reading and watching videos on their beds. Beds should be comfortable and elegant, yet also practical in order to meet all of your child’s needs. We want to help you with this important purchase. Come in to on of our stores and let our consultants help you find the right bed for your child!

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