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Creating a bedroom that grows with your child

Kids needs to be able to put their own stamp on their bedroom and feel comfortable in it as they grow. To ensure they can do this, select practical and elegant pieces of furniture that can be used in different ways as the years pass. Our interior designers can help you choose the best layout and make the right choices.

Essential storage purchases

Even if your child has a big bedroom, they will always need more space for playing and dressers or tall chests in which to store their belongings. A spacious bed can also be a useful as it is a great place to play and relax during the day. If you want your child to also have a place to draw, read and study, add a desk and a handy set of storage furniture where they can keep their figurine collections, books and comics.

Creating a trendy look that your child loves

Select furniture in neutral colours (light or dark) so your child can easily add colourful decorations. Over time, your child’s interests will change and their decorations and posters will reflect this. That’s when you’ll be glad you chose timeless colours. Your child will still love the furniture, regardless of their new tastes in terms of decorating style. This furniture will last your child from their earliest years to the end of their teens.

“Focus on practicality and style in order to choose the right furniture. It is best to select furniture (bed, dresser and tall chest) from the same collection so it beautifully matches and gives the bedroom a coherent, stylish look.”
Sylvain, Gautier Interior Designer

All Gautier beds are made at our factories in France. They contribute to a healthier living environment and stand the test of time with their high quality materials: 

Kids’ bedrooms create a unique world where they love to play, study and dream. Furniture and accessories need to be durable and practical, while matching your child’s taste and decorating style. When your child is ready they can express their feelings and help decide how to arrange their bedroom, making it much easier for you to make the right choices.

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