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Choosing modular shelves to suit your home

Bien choisir son étagère modulable selon son aménagement intérieur meubles gautier

If you're looking to add interest to a wall in your bedroom or lounge, or want to decorate your hallway, have you ever considered adding modular shelving? Check out our collections to find the right ones to suit the style of your home. Adding ornaments or pictures will instantly enhance your shelves and create a personalised feel.

Go for modular shelving when furnishing your room

Modular wall shelves are essential if you are looking to create storage when furnishing a small space. They are really practical and stylish, without taking up floor space. As well as creating an uncluttered feel with their light and airy design, some designs are enclosed to provide spacious storage. Choosing a combination of wall shelving is a great way to streamline your room and tidy away any items that make it look cluttered.


Bien choisir son étagère modulable selon son aménagement intérieur meubles gautier
Bien choisir son étagère modulable selon son aménagement intérieur meubles gautier

The various types of modular shelving

Modular shelving is versatile as well as practical: whether you choose it for your living room or bedroom, it can be used for displaying your favourite ornaments and decorations to add character to your home.  In an office, a combination of open or enclosed shelves can be really useful for storing and organising your documents.


Personalise your home with modular shelving

Our collections boast an extensive range of designs, so you're sure to find the style of modular shelving that will best suit your home decor. Depending on the colour of your wall, you may be looking for lighter or darker colours to create the effect of blending naturally into your room or stand out if you are aiming to make them a key feature. If you want to create combinations of wall shelves, choose at least three to five elements (always in odd numbers). Arrange them at different heights to create a stylish decorative effect in your various spaces.


Choosing modular shelves to suit your home

Modular bookcase shelf

In a bedroom or lounge, try combining several wall shelves to arrange your books at just the right height so you can reach them easily at any time. Their designer structures have horizontal and vertical lines to add interest; see the Arco collection for example. This creates a unique and stylish look with spacious storage. Add your very best ornaments or vases to create a personalised, homely space that's ideal for chilling out and relaxing.


Modular wall shelf

In a narrow space such as a hallway or landing, adding several wall shelves to make the most of the vertical surface area is an excellent idea. Really practical, the modular wall shelves in the Natura collection, for example, can be freely arranged to suit the width of your wall. You can use them to make these often neglected spaces more homely, carefully decorating them with your choice of pictures and ornaments. Their shallow depth means that they will not restrict the space for circulating around the room.


Choosing modular shelves to suit your home

Modular office shelf

Storage is essential in an office for making it a pleasant space to work. Adding simple, practical units will make your everyday work easier. Need space to hold all your documents, but no room for a dresser or sideboard? Go for a combination of three enclosed shelves with lift-up doors, such as these ones from the Adulis collection for example. This will provide you with a spacious and useful surface area, with each shelf being used for a different type of documents.


Choosing modular shelves to suit your home

Really practical, the enormous advantage of modular shelving is that they do not take up any floor space. If you are looking to save space, they are a great alternative to a bookcase, for example. Depending on the size of your room, they can easily be combined with other storage units or seats. For example, wall shelving above a TV unit will add other surfaces for personalising your relaxation space. You can also add an armchair next to your modular bookcase shelves, creating a cosy seating space.

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