Sofa 2 seats Lounge

An elegant and relaxing sofa

Sofa 2 seats Lounge
Sofa 2 seats Lounge
Sofa 2 seats Lounge
Sofa 2 seats Lounge
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Confort / Garnissage

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On the lookout for a super comfortable sofa? This Lounge sofa lives up to its name as it ticks all the right boxes for the ultimate in relaxation. Its optional electric recliner means you can stretch out your legs as far as you like and feel fabulously comfortable in its spacious seat. If you like the convenience of an independent headrest, you can add this as an option. Choose the design that best suits the style of your home and enjoy sinking into a relaxing sofa that's perfect for chilling out with a cup of tea.

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التركيب Non applicable
الوزن 61كغ
الأبعاد العمق.100صم * الارتفاع.85/45صم * الطول. 160صم
أبعاد الطرود الطرد 1: 100 x 85 x 160 cm (60.7كغ)

: European Union الأصل

Manufacturer : european partner

For this product, the manufacture of which we do not control, we call on a trusted partner in Europe who shares our values ​​and our quality requirements.

الأصل : European Union

: 5 سنة الضمان

5 years warranty

The 5 years warranty applies to the sofas.

GAUTIER will resolve, for free, any manufacturing defect which may arise following domestic and indoor use of the product, unless it was a display model.
The warranty is limited to the repair of any parts or furniture deemed faulty or the replacement thereof by a comparable product. Any other service or indemnity is excluded from the guarantee.
In the event that an original part cannot be provided (item out of stock), a compa-rable component or coating will be offered.

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With plenty of choices and customisation options, even the most demanding users are sure to find their perfect version of this sofa in terms of seat comfort.

Three seat heights are available to make it as ergonomic as possible, according to the length of your legs.

Check out our collections of customisable sofas and armchairs

Choose your upholstery from a wide range of colours and materials. You can also add options depending on the collections, or select the firmness level of the foam in the seat or backrest.

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Our sofas and armchairs will turn your home into something special, whatever your style, thanks to the wide range of contemporary designs and colours available.

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Our sofas and armchairs all look incredibly comfortable and feel even better. Generous and inviting, their curved lines and soft upholstery make relaxing obligatory!

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Our sofas and armchairs are selected to meet your every expectation in terms of comfort and design. They work beautifully in any modern interior thanks to their wide range of colours and shapes to suit all styles.

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Sofa 2 seats Lounge

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