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Setis Rondo round table with grey legs

A round, understated table

Setis Rondo round table with grey legs
Setis Rondo round table with grey legs
Setis Rondo round table with grey legs
Setis Rondo round table with grey legs

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Finition Grey oak

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Do you prefer round tables, which are better suited to sociable dinner parties? If so, check out our RONDO table. This round table with a built-in butterfly extension is highly ingenious: its system means you can extend it really easily with minimum effort. Double its capacity from 4 to 8 people in a flash! Really practical for adding extra space. Its unusual legs contrast elegantly with the timeless circular shape of the top. Understated and sophisticated, this stunning table is suitable for all your dinners, from the simplest to the most refined. When choosing your finish, consider the advantages of ceramic; this means you can place hot dishes straight onto the table or even cut on it, with no risk of damage.

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Frame in particleboard covered with white lacquer or grey, sierra, structured, vintage or country oak effect melamine or charcoal or ecru (varnished) ceramic finish. Extension same as frame except for the ceramic tables: particleboard covered with pink or cream melamine. Leg sections made from fibreboard covered with white or grey, sierra, structured, vintage or country oak effect foil; or covered with pinky-grey or cream foil (for ceramics). Steel legs with black epoxy lacquer. Adjustable feet. 1 built-in extension with 45 cm butterfly opening. All furniture is self-assembly except where marked * (fully assembled with possible exception of handles, floor protectors and castors).


المواد Particleboard
التركيب Meuble à monter soi-même
الوزن 93كغ
الأبعاد العمق.120صم * الارتفاع.77صم * الطول. 120/165صم
أبعاد الطرود الطرد 1: 121 x 16 x 127 cm (60كغ)
الطرد 2: 48 x 9 x 68 cm (12كغ)
الطرد 3: 19 x 8 x 86 cm (5كغ)
الطرد 4: 35 x 35 x 70 cm (16كغ)
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: France الأصل

Manufacturer : Gautier

الأصل : France

: 10 سنة الضمان

10 years warranty

The 10 years warranty applies to Gautier furniture.

GAUTIER will resolve, for free, any manufacturing defect which may arise following domestic and indoor use of the product, unless it was a display model.
The warranty is limited to the repair of any parts or furniture deemed faulty or the replacement thereof by a comparable product. Any other service or indemnity is excluded from the guarantee.
In the event that an original part cannot be provided (item out of stock), a compa-rable component or coating will be offered.

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"The really ingenious RONDO table extends via a really ergonomic butterfly opening system. It converts into a classy, spacious table to seat your guests in a flash.

8 choices of materials are available as well as 2 types of legs (black or aluminium) to create a whole host of possible combinations.

The SETIS collection brings you an excellent choice of trendy furniture

Our tables seat from 2 to 16 guests depending on the model. Simple and understated, they suit any type of home and any occasion. Working at home or entertaining becomes a real source of pleasure! Simply select your choice of finish and size.

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Let's imagine together the dining room of your dreams

Our in-store advisors will help you create the dining room that suits you

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Interior designers' advice

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Why will you love our tables?

An elegant, trendy design

As one of the key elements in your home, our tables are suitable for all kinds of everyday use. This is why our tables are designed to be sociable as well as refined.

Generously-sized tables

Seating from 4 to 16 people, they are perfect for getting together to share special times with family or friends.

Smart, multi-purpose tables

Our various designs of tables meet all your needs. Perfect for home working, they also make it easy to bring together all your friends and family for a sociable meal. Extremely versatile, you can use them in several different ways throughout the day.

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our dining room

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Setis Rondo round table with grey legs

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